• Distributing your product catalogue on Google Shopping; the essential steps

    Here are the 4 essential steps required for the dissemination of your product catalogue on Google Shopping: 1. Creating a Google Merchant Center account Start by opening an account on Google Merchant Center. Provide the interface with as much information […]

  • Google Merchant Center, advantage and disadvantage

    Google Merchant Center is an essential tool when it comes to publishing your sheets on Google Shopping. It provides a huge advantage in terms of visibility on any given search engine, however it remains relatively technical. The benefits of Google […]

  • How to optimize your products flow with Google Merchant Center?

    Importing your product catalogue to Google Merchant Center is done through a products flow – a file containing all information related to your products, enabling the upload and updates. However, it is possible to optimize the products flow to further […]

  • What is Google Merchant Center?

    To take advantage of business opportunities offered by Google Shopping, e-tailers must go through the Google Merchant Center. This interface allows you to import your product catalogue’s data directly on to Google Shopping and manage its products flow in real […]