• How does the Facebook pixel work?

    If you advertise your site on Facebook, you can use a tool to follow the activity of visitors who accessed your pages through banners on the social network.   The anatomy of the Facebook pixel The Facebook pixel is a […]

  • What is the Facebook retargeting pixel?

    Are you familiar with Facebook’s Custom Audience pixel? This monitoring tool from the world’s top social network allows you to measure the impact of your advertising campaigns and to contact “lost” visitors, inviting them to return, as part of a […]

  • What is shopping feed management?

    Shopping feed management services can be used with product feeds created specifically for uploading to Google Shopping and other online platforms (marketplaces, etc.). This solution involves the creation of a catalogue with detailed information on your products, which is then […]

  • How to create a Google Shopping feed?

    A presence on Google Shopping gives your products significant visibility and allows you to achieve a strong conversion rate. But how do you create a product feed to take advantage of this platform?   Required attributes for a Google Shopping […]

  • How to submit a product feed to Google Shopping?

    Before submitting your product feed to Google Shopping, you must have created it in accordance with the features required by the platform, and saved it in one of the accepted formats (text, XML, compressed files). You must then register your […]

  • How does a product feed work?

    A product feed allows an e-commerce site to transfer its catalogue to comparison shopping engines, marketplaces, affiliate platforms, retargeting networks, etc. This process not only saves time (eliminating the need to adapt product listings to the destination sites) but also […]

  • How to sell worldwide with Amazon?

    The Amazon marketplace offers several services to help e-tailers sell internationally. With a European seller account, it is easy to sell your products on all of Amazon’s different sites in Europe and throughout the world.   Amazon: the king of […]

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    Marketplaces are a valuable aid to selling internationally. For UK e-tailers, marketplaces are an excellent way to access other European markets.   Marketplaces: a first step towards exporting Through marketplaces, you can gauge foreign markets and test the interest of […]

  • How to use a marketplace to boost sales?

    An online marketplace is a virtual shopping centre where independent e-retailers offer their products. The facilitating site earns commission on the transactions made.   What are the advantages of a marketplace? Their strong popularity among internet users (in 2015, 32% […]

  • What is data feed management?

    The key to sales lies in reaching potential buyers. This challenge is even more complex on the internet, a tremendous tool and a major growth lever for sellers, but one whose vastness makes the question of visibility particularly complex. How […]