• Data feed management or how to effectively manage your product flow

    Product flow management cannot be improvised – especially when you are selling on several websites at once. This is why an effective and optimized management must go through data feed management, a flow management solution that allows you to disseminate […]

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    Before selling your products on marketplaces, you must generate a products flow – a version of your catalogue that will go online. This flow must be created according to criteria requested by the marketplaces you intend to sell through. To […]

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    How to manage sales on marketplaces? The key to success lies in good management of your products flow. Here’s why: You may optimize your products’ pages by adapting your catalogue to each marketplace’s features (compulsory and optional, attributes, categories, groups, […]

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    For commercial sites around the world, traffic acquisition is the sinews of war. Today, marketplaces offer the opportunity to acquire high quality targeted traffic, likely to increase the conversion rate of e-retailers, while ensuring a good return on investment. However, […]

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    Google Shopping doesn’t work quite like any other shopping website, it may be difficult to engage in this platform. To make things easier, keep in mind that any product flow meant to be exported to Google Shopping must conform to […]

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    Shopping feed management services can be used with product feeds created specifically for uploading to Google Shopping and other online platforms (marketplaces, etc.). This solution involves the creation of a catalogue with detailed information on your products, which is then […]