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Our OsCommerce plugin is no longer maintained by our technical team. It can help you if you already have some knowledge of OsCommerce, however, to manage your catalogue, we recommend a classic export via the Lengow platform.

Your OsCommerce module and Lengow

OsCommerce is a free open-source software aimed at anyone who wants to create their own online shops. It is supported by a large community that contributes to the solution’s development. OsCommerce provides a suite of extensions that make it easier for users to enhance their online presence.

  • Export your product catalogue in CSV format which is compatible with the Lengow solution.
  • Access all our platform’s features and choose where to distribute your products by selecting from our 1,800 marketing channels.


Download the plugin, then locate your export at the following url:

Install the Lengow conversion tag on your order confirmation page, located in your site’s root, by inserting the following values:

filename: ssl_confirmation.php

on line 1025, just before the loop for the order’s products, insert the line:

$total_commande = 0;

on line 1066, inside the loop for the order’s products, insert the line:

$total_commande += $total_ttc;

on line 1086, insert the line:

<img src="<php echo $order->info['orders_id']; ?>&price=<php echo number_format($total_commande,2); ?>" alt="" border="0" />


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