Before you start:

  • This process works when you publish your products on marketplaces,
  • Each marketplace has its own way of operating. Be aware of each marketplaces’ specifications when you start working with them,
  • Orders on Lengow come from marketplaces and therefore do not include orders from your e-commerce site.

To begin...


One of your products is bought on a marketplace



You oversee all your orders and take actions (accept, refuse, etc.) on Lengow or via one of our APIs

And then...


The order status (e.g. shipped) is sent back to the marketplace and the buyer is informed



Depending on your sales the stocks are automatically updated

How does it work?

  • Orders are processed differently on each marketplace. On Lengow, you have a global view of all your orders. Order status’ are standardized and the process is the same for each order, no matter which marketplace they come from,
  • Our automatic acceptance feature sets your orders to “Pending”,
  • Our connections with e-commerce solutions also allow you to import your orders into the back office of your online store (Shopify, Magento, etc.)

4 600 brands and retailers worldwide are
already using Lengow