Before you get started:

  • The process works as soon as Lengow retrieves your product catalogue.
  • This feature is reserved for marketing channels with a minimum number of similar attributes.

To start…


You have already prepared your Google Shopping feed for the UK and you now want to sell your products in France.



When selecting a channel, our platform will suggest that you instantly import all the settings that are already in place.



You can adapt certain fields if necessary and have a new, ready-to-use feed within minutes.

How does it work?

  • Use Lengow to prepare your feed for marketplaces, price comparison, retargeting, and affiliation platforms, and automate the distribution steps.
  • You can instantly copy all the existing settings set up on a diffuser (categories, attributes, product exclusions, etc.) with our “automatic settings import” feature.
  • Like this, you don’t have to carry out unnecessary configurations, and you have a brand new, ready-to-use feed in a matter of minutes.

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