• A well-structured site and a complete inventory
  • A catalogue of dynamic ads to bring your products up in search results via Google Dynamic Search Ads

Start by...


Setting up your Google Dynamic Search Ads catalogue



Define Customs Labels in Lengow according your campaign’s needs (e.g. via Rules)

And then...


Automate updates for your ads



Your ads are displayed according to the searches made by Google users

How does it works?

  • The Google Dynamic Search Ads catalogue enables users to indicate precise URLs to be used in dynamic ads for the Search Network, with the help of labels associated with these URLs within the feed

  • Use your Google Shopping catalogue to create clear titles, add necessary attributes or create Customs Labels to improve your campaigns and get a better return on investment

  • If your online store changes frequently, Google strongly recommends that e-merchants target using a page feed to better control their ads

  • Google Ads enables you to provide additional data to your ads, targeting and ad extensions from the “Business Data” section of your Google Ads account

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