• This process works as soon as Lengow retrieves your product catalogue.
  • Segments are created before setting up a new channel.
  • To use the performance criteria, Lengow tracking must be installed on your site and statistics (clicks and sales) must have been compiled.



TOP 100 Revenues, TOP 100 best category, FLOP 100 clicks, NEW Products…  make your choice from Segments already set up.



Adapt them to your catalogue using the most relevant profitability and performance criteria for your business.



Use this product segment to analyse your catalogue and refine your distribution on marketing channels.

How does it work?

  • In your catalogue, easily group your products into Segments (or sub-catalogues) according to automatically proposed criteria by Lengow.

  • Then use these segments to set up your feeds for each marketing channel.
  • These pre-defined Segments are suggested according to customised criteria resulting from the analysis of your catalogue and its performance.
  • You can also create your own segments according to the criteria of your choice specific to your catalogue.

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