Creation of Lengow





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Brands and retailers

A highly ambitious tech company

Since 2009, Lengow has been making a name for itself on the French and European markets as an essential platform for online brands and retailers looking to develop the visibility and profitability of their product ranges.

Lengow’s Ecosystem

Since Lengow’s creation, the notion of the Ecosystem has been rooted in our DNA. Lengow strives to add more value for its clients, partners, and other stakeholders in the French digital ecosystem.

Lengow Day

Since it was launched in 2013, Lengow Day opens up prospects for e-traders by bringing together a panel of international experts to put cross-border innovations and strategies into perspective.

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Lengow Connect

Lengow meets with European e-traders. In Germany, Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom, Lengow organises 4 meetings a year involving workshops focused on Technology, Success stories, and Networking.


We are committed to uncovering and promoting tomorrow’s potential by helping projects to develop in our incubator. In addition to the Lengow teams three young growing companies receive regular professional advice and tailored assistance. They occupy 350 m2 of office space at our headquarters in Nantes.

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