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“ Lengow allowed us to save a great deal of time when distributing our customers catalogues over a wide range of channels. „

„By multiplying our distribution channels, we optimised the full range of our online ad campaigns. The features offered by Lengow allowed us to improve the performance of all our various media.“

„Lengow allowed us to easily facilitate the distribution of our products on partner sites and helped us increase the performance of our campaigns by centralising our information.“

“ Thanks to Lengow, we were able to simplify and improve our processes and therefore deliver highly accurate and efficient integration with our community of online distribution partners. This was especially beneficial for Google Shopping; we are extremely satisfied with the results of this platform. „

Was die Presse über uns sagt

„The French company, originally backed by Kima Ventures, the personal fund of French billionaire Xavier Niel, has raised €10 million in new funding from Serena Capital, BPI and Series A backer Alven Capital for Lengow. This brings the total raised to €11.4 million since Lengow was founded back in 2009“

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„Lengow plans to develop the new e-commerce automation platform into a ‘hub’ that integrates with all major e-commerce tools, allowing retailers to centrally manage and automate all their e-commerce processes within a single platform.“

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Kunden wie Sephora, Lollipops und Balinea vertrauen Lengow und unseren Lösungen. Lassen Sie sich von unseren Beispielen inspirieren.

Lesen Sie, wie diese großen Online-Marken ihre E-commerce Strategie hinterfragen, ihre Online Aktivitäten mit Lengow anpassen und ihre Performance verbessern.


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