Synchronize your ERP and e-commerce marketing channels

Thanks to your ERP and Lengow, you can centralize your management data by connecting the software to your shopping website or even sell on marketplaces without your own e-commerce site. This unique database allows you to synchronize and update data for all aspects of your business. You then simplify your business processes and manage all information (customers, products, prices, stocks…) from your ERP back office.

Whether you work in B2C or B2B, data flows through all your sales channels, but your ERP does not necessarily offer the flexibility and connections necessary to sell well online. Interfacing your ERP with the Lengow platform will give greater flexibility and reactivity.

Examples of ERPs used by our customers

Selling on marketplaces with your ERP and Lengow

When using the Lengow platform, your product information is centralised, standardised and synchronised between your marketing channels and ERP in real time. This interconnected data ensures reliability and efficiency by avoiding possible errors during re-entry. Enrich the information available in your ERP with data hosted on your e-commerce site, or your PIM (an annexed database).

Once this data is in the Lengow platform, you benefit from a very high degree of flexibility to, for example, select the products you want to sell or not, or define your prices for each marketplace on which you operate.

Your order management can also be handled automatically: they go directly to your back office via our API, which allows your ERP to process deliveries as quickly as possible.

How does it work?

The connection between your back office (ERP) and Lengow is created with the import of your products (by flat-file databases: XML or CSV) and with our API for marketplace orders. Updates of products, stocks or prices on your ERP are done automatically. Customer and sales data is also automatically transferred to your back office. Various management data is then synchronized between the two solutions!

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