Enrich your product data

With YOUR data …

Combine the CPCs of your different marketing channels (Adwords, Criteo, Facebook …), indicators (positioning, page views …) and of your analytics tools (Google Analytics, Search Console, Adobe Analytics, AT Internet …) or information specific to your business ( returns, margins, …) to make the most of Lengow’s intelligence.


Examples of use:

  • Adjust your Adwords bids for products that benefit from a good SEO
  • Exclude from Amazon products that have a high after-sales return rate
  • Increase your CPCs on products that generate an higher margin

… or your clients …

Customer reviews, user-generated content – use the information your customers are posting on platforms such as Bazaarvoice, Olapic or Curalate when you need it to enrich your product feed.


Examples of use:

  • Display product photos from Instagram in your banners
  • Exclude products that have a low score on CPC based channels
  • Display your customers reviews in your Facebook ads

… or those of your competitors!

What good is to be present on a price comparison with products that are not competitive? Whether through your scraping tools or specialized companies (PriceAPI.com, Pricing Assistant …) via Lengow publish only products that are competitive and that fit your diffusion strategy.


Examples of use:

  • Do not present products on price comparison engines when they are more expensive than those of your main competitors
  • Propose only products via retargeting that are cheaper than your competitors
  • Adjust your prices on those of your competitors on Amazon

To go further

You develop your business internationally? Lengow is here for you. Convert and update your prices in the currency of the country / countries you are targeting and translate your product sheets with automated processes.

Our international applications allow you to activate new countries for all or part of your product catalog.

Offline & Web-to-store

Do you own a network of physical stores and want to capitalize on this asset? With Lengow, you can integrate store inventory information and pricing into your product catalog.

You can, for example, appear on Google Local Inventory Ads, and present your products to users who search near one of your stores.

Leverage the potential of your existing (and future) tools

Do you use many tools every day to drive your e-commerce business? Do you test new ones regularly? Lengow allows you to integrate them quickly and use them at best.

In your library of apps you will find connectors to your bidding (Doubleclick, Ignition One …), email / marketing tools (Emarsys, Bannerflow …), optimization of the conversion (Fitanalytics , Adobe Media Optimizer …) and your analytics tools (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics …). For all these applications, you benefit from a fast integration with optimized data, without calling on your technical team.

“A quick integration was critical, to ensure we did not miss the holiday rush. The Bazaarvoice/Lengow partnership ensured we would be online in time for the high shopping season” 

— Bazaarvoice

Lengow API: only one limit, your imagination

Do you have specific needs? We make our APIs available to our customers so that they can develop the features they need.