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Brands: Optimize and publish perfectly structured product content for all your sales channels.

Today’s consumer is demanding and eager for information. Confronted with a multitude of channels, devices, sollicitations, they expect you to provide consistent, clear, and accurate product information regardless of the point of contact: website, marketplaces, social networks, SEA

As part of your omnichannel strategy, you distribute your content on many channels and retailers to which you need to adapt or “syndicate” your product data according to their specificities.

At Lengow, our goal is to help you simplify these processes, limit the friction points, and make your consumer’s experience the best possible.

We automate the repetitive and tedious integration, optimization and distribution tasks of your product sheets so that your teams can focus on higher value-added tasks.


Flexibility of integrations

The Lengow platform allows for easy integration with all internal solutions (ERP/PIM/DAM/MDM) and e-commerce platforms, via API or a simple file. We have the ability to retrieve your product’s characterizing data, whether it is already centralized or comes from multiple sources. Connections are established quickly and accurately.


Centralize your data distribution

Lengow makes any data agile and of sufficient quality to fit any destination. On our platform, more than 1,600 different marketing channels are available to you to meet your omnichannel objectives in a consistent and efficient way.


Data enrichment, optimization, and processing

Customize and optimize your bulk product feeds with a
variety of powerful tools and features to automate most tasks. You’ll publish quality data, quickly and easily!

We accompany you at every step

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Our features for syndicating your content

Create your own feed structures

My Custom Channel allows you to create your own feed structure, according to your distributors’ expectations, fully customized to your needs. This new structure does not require our technical team’s intervention, you are free to customize it and use it as you wish.

Enrich your product sheets

To perfect your product catalog and comply with distributors’ requirements, we offer the possibility to program the enrichment and optimization of your product sheets (titles, descriptions, prices, etc.).

Save time

View the distribution error reports in a centralized way. We offer you turnkey solutions by clearly indicating the content to be changed or the action to be taken on your feeds. Correct your errors as quickly as possible and present quality product sheets!

Reference your products easily

Placing your product in the right category so that Internet users can find you when they activate the search filters can be quite tedious, especially on marketplaces. Our platform offers a smart category suggestion to make this step easier and to be sure that the buyer finds you in the right categories.

Adapt your distribution

Target or exclude the products that will be visible to each of your partners (marketplaces, price comparison sites, retargeting, affiliation, etc.) and automate the distribution steps by segmenting your product catalog.

Professional services: Our customized support

We are at your disposal to support you on tailor-made projects, operational, or consulting, with our Professional Services team.


Advice and recommendations to support your projects

Become an expert on the Lengow platform. Master all the features, accelerate the deployment of your distribution channels and boost your performance.


Adapting your technical constraints

A technical expertise accompanied by real project management, a dedicated framing and a follow-up.


An extension of your operational teams

Our internal resources are available to set up and activate your distribution channels quicker.

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