Add value to your product data

Your catalogue is the key to quality product sheets: It is at the heart of your multi-channel strategy. It must contain up-to-date, valid quality data.

Lengow simplifies the import of your catalogue, no matter the format (CSV, XML, JSON, API). If necessary, you will be able to “clean up” your feeds, format them or merge them with other data sources. Save time publishing your products on various channels.

Our platform helps you to update your feed so that your buyers always have access to accurate information. A product feed is not a fixed structure: it changes, evolves (price, inventory…), transforms with your activity and your results.

Make your product data feed scalable

Our feed manager knows each of the marketing channels that you have chosen and will guide you in optimizing your product data (i.e. product variations and attributes) so that all of your ads and product sheets are as complete as possible, stand out from the competition and perform better than before.

Want to adapt your campaigns in several countries, languages ​​and currencies?
With our automatic rules and partner applications, you can prepare your product catalogue in just a few clicks and conquer the market.

Play with your data

You can extract product information from one field to supplement others and thus format your feed according to channel requirements. For example, you will add your mark in the title field or fill in the missing color or size.

Segment your product catalogue to choose the most relevant products to publish and exclude products that you do not want or need to sell on the channel. All these manipulations are easy to do. No need for a technical team.

Harness the power of your data to optimise online experience

Your first challenge is to gather all the essential data to be able to put your products online on all the different channels. Once this data has been compiled, our platform will help you enrich and optimize it.

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What format should my product feed be sent in?

By default, Lengow accepts a wide variety of formats such as XML, CSV, TXT or Json. Specific imports can also be done via APIs or plugins.

How often is my product feed refreshed?

You can configure the frequency at which your products are sent in our platform. This will also depend on how frequently feeds are recuperated by marketing channels.

Can I have multiple product feed sources?

In Lengow, you can have several product catalogues (e.g. one for the UK, one for Germany, etc.) and/or merge several sources (e.g. one source for product information, another source for stocks and prices, a Google Analytics source, etc.)