Record market prices

With Netrivals price monitoring solution, automatically retrieve competitors’ product data and compare it with yours.

Prices are an essential aspect of your products. What are your most competitive products? On what categories are you often outperformed? What is your price difference percentage with your competitors?

Monitoring your competitors’ prices enables you to analyze market trends and quickly adapt to these changes.


Integrate prices into your product catalogue

With our Additional Sources feature, easily enrich your catalogue with Netrivals data. Your competitors’ data and price fluctuations are therefore available directly in your feed.

You can then leverage this data in all your favorite Lengow features: create segments and personalized rules, activate dynamic prices.


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Adapt your prices across channels

Instantly react to market price fluctuations and maintain your position by pricing your products dynamically.

Dynamic pricing doesn’t always mean decreasing your prices. It’s all about staying competitive and profitable. Which is why Netrivals’ price suggestions can reach higher than your current prices: still beating your competition, only with a higher margin.

Observe the impact of these price changes on your sales via your distribution results on your various channels and marketplaces.

Perform your analysis via Lengow’s dashboards or via the Lengow connector for Google Analytics, where you can retrieve statistical data from your e-commerce website.



React to the competition immediately

Set up smart rules to adjust your prices to those of your competitors at the level of your products and your product categories. This way, your product sheets are always up-to-date!


Win the Buy Box

Get the famous Amazon Buy Box while keeping the highest possible margin by being notified immediately when a competitor changes their prices on products similar to yours. On Amazon, you can use the Automatic Pricing tool : Price changes are made instantly within the price limits you set.

Better manage your products

Boost your published products thanks to Custom Labels: by segmenting your products according to criteria such as price, promotions, delivery, product category, etc. Customize your prices on each online channel.

Maximize your profitability on marketing channels with repricing

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