Your product data is the key

Easily import your product data. Lengow supports most ecommerce solutions, adapts to your custom build platforms and accepts all feed formats available.

Use Lengow to target and exclude the right products for the right channels (marketplaces, price comparison engines, retargeting, affiliation) and automate the process of product diffusion.

Manipulate your feeds (categories, titles, descriptions, rules…) without any technical knowledge.


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Adapt your catalogue

Adapt your catalogue to publish your products on the channel of your choice. Define price, presentation and available stock size.

Track your demands

Track your demands accurately and set rules to avoid running out of stock.

Centralise your orders

Lengow takes care of the centralisation of your orders coming from marketplaces and synchronises them with your ecommerce solution.


Drive your Dynamic Search Ads campaigns

Whether on Google Ads (formerly Adwords), Bing (Microsoft Advertising), or Yandex (Yandex Direct), use Lengow to manage your Dynamics Search Ads (SEA).

Reference your products and control your marketplace orders

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Maximise the profitability of your marketing channels

Integrate Lengow easily to your analytics and tag management system and get the data directly in your analytics tool.

Get all relevant statistics in Lengow – clicks, CPA, sales and profitability. One overview for all your business metrics!

Adjust product diffusion in a few clicks, depending on their success. Review your digital strategy and make considerate decisions.


Start selling on new marketing channels

Simplify your tasks with our various applications

Thanks to our API, Lengow is compatible with many applications, so you can access the functionality of all your e-commerce tools in one single platform.

Already more than 40 available applications: Translation, customer review, email, merchandise, price watch, web-to-store, product recommendation and many more.


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