Your dynamic ads on…

Post your ads on multiple search engines

Using Lengow to manage your Dynamic Search Ads (SEA) has many advantages.

Whether on Google (Google Ads, formerly Adwords), Bing (Microsoft Advertising) or Yandex (Yandex direct), the feed sent by Lengow will allow you to benefit, without additional costs, from the power of the machine learning on these tools.

Automate all your ads

No need to manage your keywords, ad texts or bids manually. Everything is automatic and performance-oriented with Dynamic Search Ads.

No need to waste time on time-consuming tasks, you can now concentrate on your core business via Lengow’s search engine bidding tools: combined audiences, performance rules and custom labels defined in Lengow (price adjustment, deactivation of ads based on stock, etc.), the addition of negative keywords, among many more.


Segmentation rules

Segment your ads and enable automatic bidding options based on your custom labels (target CPA, target ROAS, maximize clicks, conversions and conversion value)


Enrich your ads with Analytics data

We retrieve your Analytics data to complete your product catalogue and then send it to your bidding platforms for performance-based management (most purchased products, most viewed products, products that have generated the most feedback, etc). Learn more about the power of this feature in our blog article.


Additional sources

Combine the performance of your products to drive your dynamic campaigns: add your margin, stock and competitor price data… and use them in your campaigns to make them even more relevant.

Increased possibilities with Lengow

Increase your sales with Lengow