• Multichannel e-commerce solution: how to choose the right one?

    As part of your multichannel e-commerce strategy, a dedicated solution will help you benefit from your various contact and sales channels. So long as you choose the right partner! Your selection must be made according to: your needs. A multichannel […]

  • How to optimise your multichannel strategy thanks to product feed management?

    Appropriate stock management in the various sales channels is crucial in efficient multichannel strategies. To ensure your customers find the products they want at all times, regardless of the selected channel (e-commerce site, marketplace, price comparison site), you must have […]

  • Multichannel marketing: how does it work?

    With multichannel marketing, e-commerce owners today are able to reach out to customers throughout their purchasing journey, thanks to the many contact channels available.   Multichannel marketing is based on all sales and contact channels (commercials sites and shops, as […]

  • How to integrate multichannel actions in your marketing strategy?

    Multichannel potential is essential as part of your marketing strategy. To integrate it smoothly and coherently, you must nonetheless: Consider the importance of the data. As part of a multichannel strategy, you must centralise the data that concerns customers stemming […]

  • Multichannel sales strategy: selling more, everywhere

    Today’s consumer is shape-shifting. Throughout their purchasing journey, they can easily move from online to offline and vice-versa, switching between stores, physical shops, marketplaces and mobile devices. They can make a purchase at any time, anywhere. A relevant multichannel sales […]

  • Stock management, a key component in multichannel e-commerce

    To ensure an efficient multichannel e-commerce strategy, the question of stock management is essential. Poor management could have dramatic consequences for your business. A visitor who wishes to order a product that is no longer available will make you miss […]

  • Why use a multichannel management tool to sell in marketplaces?

    As winning over new customers is crucial for economic development in e-commerce, you cannot bypass digital marketplaces that draw in millions of potential buyers. Yet ensuring your presence in these marketplaces – such as Amazon, Fnac or Cdiscount – requires […]

  • 10 tips for successful multichannel e-commerce management

    How to ensure successful multichannel e-commerce management? Here are 10 tips to be applied without moderation!   Define your favoured channels according to your budget and targets. Communicate on your distribution channels so your customers can find out about them. […]

  • Marketplaces in the heart of your multichannel e-commerce strategy

    Marketplaces play a significant role in online sales strategies. Indeed, Amazon, Fnac, Cdiscount and their consorts offer a number of advantages to small and big vendors alike: diverse sales channels; wider offer thanks to a huge virtual stock; more qualified […]

  • What is multichannel e-commerce management?

    As technology and purchasing behaviours change, e-commerce has naturally become multichannel. It is currently rolled out both online and in physical shops. Customers can access it both in the real and virtual worlds: in any case they want to follow […]