Consumers want to be able to purchase exactly what they had in mind, whenever they want, and without wasting any time. To guarantee high-quality purchasing experiences in an omni-channel ecosystem, here are three great tips to be used with Salesforce Order Management.

Stock optimisation is the main lever to be activated to ensure fulfilled purchasing experiences. Indeed, purchasing and decision-making processes can make a huge difference for the “last mile”. Thanks to Salesforce Order Management, the order management system aligned with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud solution, optimising these processes is within easy reach. You can…

  1. Give your customers full control of the purchasing process. By connecting all the stages of a product’s sales cycle, Salesforce Order Management improves experiences throughout the entire journey: products accessible from any sales channel, choice of several payment and delivery options, order completion follow-up, cancellation and return options, etc.
  2. Make sure your stock levels are constantly updated. With Salesforce Order Management, stock levels are updated in real time on all channels. This avoid being left with too many or not enough products, especially during busy periods, and contributes to providing an optimal purchasing experience. For it to work, this tip requires having an account with an efficient flow management system. Perfect: Lengow is compatible with Salesforce Commerce Cloud!
  3. Optimise your operating process. Vendors with several different points of sale (shops, warehouses, online stores) often have trouble optimising the “last mile”. Luckily, Salesforce Order Management adapts to your real-time needs, for example when a delivery route needs to be adjusted to pass by warehouses located closer to green zones.

Thanks to Salesforce Order Management, you can optimise order and return management in an easy and agile manner, namely by using it jointly with Lengow!

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