Google Ads and Microsoft Bing Ads offer e-vendors many different levers for boosting their sales. Dynamic SearchAds are a particularly efficient lever for vendors boasting a large volume of products. How do Google’s dynamic search ads work?


If your e-shop counts hundreds or thousands of products, Google’s dynamic search ads will help you automatically generate ads for each product listed. This would be physically impossible if you had to do it by hand!


Through its dynamic ads, Google creates sponsored ads without using any keywords. They are generated directly via your e-shop’s content, namely based on the data provided by a flow created in Lengow. To do so, Google:

  • analyses your online shop’s URLs as stated by each vendor (you target the pages dedicated to products you wish to highlight in your AdWords campaigns), and extracts the main keywords from them;
  • deduces the most relevant queries which your ads will provide answers to;
  • generates an appropriate title for each ad;
  • determines adequate landing pages.

In concrete terms, all you need to do is write the descriptions!


Advantages to dynamic search ads

Dynamic SearchAds boast many advantages in the field of e-commerce:

  • you can promote your entire product catalogue (or a selection of products, having chosen them via a special flow), without needing to create ads manually.
  • you will save precious time.
  • you can improve SEA campaign profitability.
  • you will obtain an excellent quality score for your AdWords campaign, as the relevance of each ad compared to its landing page is ensured by Google (which subsequently improves ad visibility and reduces campaign costs).
  • you will increase conversions by playing the long tail card: long queries (more than 4 or 5 words), highly-targeted, only rarely researched by users yet boasting very high conversion potential.

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