It is essential to have a qualitative product catalogue in order to sell effectively on Internet platforms. But how can you be certain that exporting your catalogue to retail sites like Amazon or Google Shopping will fully comply with the specific features required to validate your listings?

The answer is simple: thanks to a product management flow process that offers to manage the uploading and publication of your products catalogue on any given websites. If done through a management process, this operation offers 3 advantages:

Online e-tailers have their own criteria for dissemination; a product management flow process adapts to each of them to optimize your online catalogue. It knows each platform’s required attributes and masters the required export format.
A virtual product catalogue must be updated on a regular basis and according to your edits (price, promotions, stock, delivery terms); with the help of data product management, this can be done easily and several times a day.
A management flow offers its own network of partners for wider dissemination and visibility of your products on the Internet.

Publishing your catalogue through data product management helps you save valuable time while ensuring the visibility of your products online!

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