To make good use of how powerful e-commerce networks are, you need to be able to count on product feeds well-adapted to their standards. Yet proper product catalogue configuration is not enough: the data integrated in the file also needs to be clear and structured. Here are 5 good reasons to keep your product feed clean, standardised, properly filled-in…and efficient!


Product feed efficacy requires regular cleaning sessions. This is so you can always count on relevant and comprehensive product feeds, made up of clear and structured data. Simply because…


  1. An efficient product feed will enable buyers to find the information they need, and ensure a high-quality purchasing experience. If they are not satisfied with your offers due to a lack of or poorly organised data, they will simply move on to another vendor.
  2. An efficient product feed is also the key to customer satisfaction. The clearer and more accurate your product information is, the higher your chances of appropriately meeting your customers’ expectations…which will give them full satisfaction.
  3. A disorganised and non-standardised feed risks being rejected by serious e-commerce platforms. Even if it is accepted, it will have little chance of rendering good results given your products’ lack of proper SEO.
  4. Clear and structured data is easier to handle, and thus to update, test, enrich or adapt to the requirements of a new online sales site.
  5. A comprehensive and high-quality product feed increases your product sheets’ chances of being displayed in visitors’ search results, and thus leads to a growth in sales. Quite simply, if the advertising medium truly understands the type of product sold, they can offer it to the right buyers, who in turn will be more likely to make the final purchase.


It is therefore in your interest to clean up, fill in and enrich your data as regularly as possible, to ensure product feed efficacy.

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