For commercial sites around the world, traffic acquisition is the sinews of war. Today, marketplaces offer the opportunity to acquire high quality targeted traffic, likely to increase the conversion rate of e-retailers, while ensuring a good return on investment.

However, proper management of a marketing campaign via marketplaces means having a product flow that meets all the necessary requirements from different platforms. Therefore, the online retail store that wishes to sell via a marketplace is better off appointing a data manager; a provider able to compile a product catalogue that is consistent with the criteria established by each marketplace.

The added value of the data manager

Indeed, generating a flow for a marketplace entails complying with certain conditions, for structuring the product sheets as well as for the type of format required for the flow. In this context, a data manager is particularly useful:

  • because it takes care creating product flows in formats that meet the criteria of many marketplaces, without loss of product information during the catalogue’s export on the platform;
  • because it allows to make updates whenever necessary, depending on the evolutions of the product catalogue of the trading site (promotions, inventory replacement , changes in terms of delivery, etc.).

Thanks to the data manager’s intervention, the product flow adapts itself to the requirements imposed by marketplaces such as Amazon, Fnac, Cdiscount, Priceminister, etc. Managing one’s product flow towards marketplaces becomes much easier with the help of a data manager.

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