Google Merchant Center is an essential tool when it comes to publishing your sheets on Google Shopping. It provides a huge advantage in terms of visibility on any given search engine, however it remains relatively technical.

The benefits of Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center’s main advantage is to allow you to submit comprehensive and accurate ads for your products to Google Shopping. You can then edit them in real time so that your visitors always have access to valid information. These sheets imported through the product flow are then perfectly optimized for the search engine, and will therefore be more easily found by Internet users. With up to 90% of worldwide requests (3.3 billion per day), Google is the most used search engine on the planet. Hundreds of millions of potential users may increase your traffic and ultimately the number of conversions on your website.

The disadvantages of Google Merchant Center

The only downside to Google Merchant Center comes from its advantage; hence this interface allows submitting optimized ads to Google Shopping for online sales, but in return, you must sometimes meet some of GMC’s very technical specifications for your products flow. In addition, to send your products flow it is essential to prepare your catalogue in a specific format (XML, CSV or TXT), an operation that requires technical skills.

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