By making product sheet update, enrichment and inspection much easier, product content syndication ensures that the data in your sheets is always correct, as detailed as possible, and identical throughout all your distribution channels.


It will help increase your revenue in four different ways :


  1. Syndication improves your conversion rates by stimulating the interest shown by prospects or customers. Having product sheets or pages bursting with information, rigorous in terms of the data provided, and most importantly consistent with that available elsewhere, means you can guarantee optimal and appealing user experience throughout all channels.
  2. Syndication reduces returns for certain products, as errors and lack of data is no longer an issue. If your sheets are not complete or specific enough, the risk is that certain customers may notice (after receipt) that the product does not correspond to their expectations or needs, and decide to send it back. This also generates additional costs and loss of money for the company. Conversely, a well-detailed sheet – all channels combined – will lead to heightened customer satisfaction!
  3. Content syndication personalises customer experience by helping you modulate or adapt the product sheet’s information according to each geographical area or sales channel, to turn potential buyers into customers. It ensures more flexibility in terms of content management and organisation, meaning you can better respond to different needs on different channels. It serves to consolidate the decision to purchase a product – both for loyal customers and new prospects.
  4. Syndication accelerates product marketing and reduces time-to-market lead times without deteriorating the quality of the information. If you decide to launch a new model or make changes to remain in keeping with your customer base’s expectations, you can circulate new product sheets in real time and simultaneously throughout all channels, without risking any errors or inconsistencies here and there.

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