Marketplaces are virtual spaces where e-tailers and Internet users can operate transactions. Amazon, Fnac, Priceminister, Rueducommerce and others offer an incredible visibility to all those e-tailers who want to increase their sales, and therefore their income.

Here are 5 ways marketplaces help you increase your income:

  • Traffic generated by marketplaces allows you to benefit from an important viewing audience, hence more visits and a higher conversion rate.
  • Awareness of marketplaces is also beneficial: the user who buys your products is reassured by the platform’s reputation.
  • By relying on an existing platform, you have better control over your acquisition costs (no web development or on line costs, no traffic acquisition costs, etc.).
  • By entrusting your shop’s livelihood to a marketplace, you free up time to focus on your core business: trade (promotional offers, online shop animation…). In addition and provided you are proactive, marketplaces regularly organize promotional operations that contribute in enhancing your visibility.
  • You can choose to sell on several marketplaces – whether general or specialized – both in France and abroad. Therefore you expand your online presence and increase your chances of generating quality traffic, thus increasing your income!

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