When trades are made on marketplaces such as Amazon, Cdiscount or Aliexpress, data exchange must be fully digitalised. This requirement means that all sales channels can be connected, thus developing synergies and accurately controlling stock status. Any requests sent in by platform users can also be answered more precisely, as they expect round-the-clock service, every day of the week.


For companies, there are many advantages to using an EDI system (Electronic Data Interchange): 


  • As all documents authorised by this system are standardised, electronic interchanges between all stakeholders are smooth-running, accurate and quick. As all companies use the same “language”, it becomes easier to interact with new partners (suppliers, logisticians, distributors).


  • The EDI system ensures excellent traceability for the company’s goods, detailing all movements between the various storage and transport operators. Sent data can be integrated into the ERP without any manual intervention. CSV order files can be transferred via FTP, so they can then be integrated into your management software – thus saving you time during invoicing.


  • Stock management is also made easier, as you can check available products in real time in each partner warehouse, and make sure transiting goods correspond to the orders placed. This means stock levels can be adjusted upon request, and errors can be corrected prior to delivery.


  • Your company can add real-time information to marketplace catalogues, so consumers are updated as to product features and prices. Pricing policies and available models can also be modified instantly. If you have any last-minute adjustments to make, go ahead!


  • The EDI system can also integrate any orders placed on marketplaces to your order management software. Amazon’s purchase order is instantly turned into a customer order in your ERP module, so delivery information can be immediately generated. As soon as dispatch has been confirmed, you will receive the payment for the marketplace’s delivery.


  • Lastly, you can integrate electronic invoices to your sales processes, and once again include them automatically to your ERP. The approval and pairing process for order and delivery slips is also made much easier. Automatic invoice send-off is yet another interesting possibility.


All these features contribute to offering you a competitive advantage, and reducing human errors and misunderstandings between partners. They also maximise any added value stemming from marketplace sales.

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