Appropriate stock management in the various sales channels is crucial in efficient multichannel strategies. To ensure your customers find the products they want at all times, regardless of the selected channel (e-commerce site, marketplace, price comparison site), you must have a clear vision of all input and output of goods for all channels.

Product feed management consists in automating stock management thanks to a dedicated solution, so as to optimise your multichannel strategy. Thanks to product feed management, you can easily export product catalogues towards your various digital channels. You can then manage your stock from a centralised dashboard, thus ensuring perfect coherence between your various catalogues.

Automating your multichannel strategy through product feed management enables you to:

  • save precious time when compiling your product catalogues to be sent to the various platforms;
  • ensure coherence between your product catalogues and the input rules stipulated by these platforms;
  • reduce order processing lead times;
  • ensure good stock management (synchronised catalogues in all channels);
  • better target your customers on each platform, and thus argue your return on investment.

What if you could reveal the full potential of your multichannel strategy using a product feed management solution?

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