VTEX is one of the only fully-integrated e-commerce solutions bestowed with marketplace and OMS features. To ensure optimal use and sell your products in the best possible conditions, you can count on a plethora of complementary application solutions. Here are three examples of essential applications for optimal sales products via VTEX.

How to sell your products properly using VTEX? You are no doubt wondering how to make the most of this e-commerce solution’s functionalities. Though there are many others, the following three applications will help make your sales more efficient:

  • VTEX Tracking. This application provides real-time information about product dispatch to vendors, transporters and consumers. It helps optimise the vendors’ supply chain, stay in constant contact with transporters, comply with deadlines, follow up on performance and therefore boost customer satisfaction.
  • Facebook Pixel. This tool is used to connect your VTEX e-store to the social network’s advertising system, to then create Facebook Ads campaigns that will be displayed in the users’ news feed (on Facebook and Instagram). The application requires you to have an “Ads” account, making it possible to target audiences, schedule posts and follow up on performance in real time.
  • Lengow connector. The Lengow application enables users to quickly export product catalogues from your VTEX store towards the sales channels of your choice, namely marketplaces. It is extremely easy to use: recover the products from VTEX, configure your flows in Lengow, import and manage your orders originating from various sales channels, synchronise your stock levels so you are up-to-date on all media, and optimise your flows for marketplaces.

Each presenting their own special features, these applications will help you improve sales via VTEX, whilst making the most of the many optimisations the tool has to offer. Perfect for continuously improving performance levels!

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