Google Shopping Actions (Buy with Google) provides e-vendors with a new place for selling their products simultaneously via several Google platforms. When used properly, this programme will help you boost visibility and sales. Yet to benefit from its strengths, you must first answer this question: how to sell via Google Shopping Actions (Buy with Google)?


To start off with Shopping Actions (Buy with Google), you will need to:

  • Configure your account on Google Merchant Center (GMC), which requires you to have previously created a Gmail account.
  • Prepare a product catalogue that complies with GMC regulations (namely by filling in the mandatory fields: name, price, features, delivery terms, payment terms, stock, etc.), then create a data feed using a product feed management solution such as Lengow. All products chosen are those you wish to have appeared on Google Shopping Actions.
  • Export your product feed into GMC.
  • State how you wish to manage orders placed by your customers via Google Shopping Actions (in the GMC, using an order feed solution, calling upon one of Google’s feed management partners, etc.).
  • Assess and test your product display before putting it online.
  • Manage any orders placed via Google’s ecosystem thanks to the dashboard made available by your feed manager.


Why opt for one of Google’s feed management partners?

If you intend to make the most of the many advantages offered by Google’s marketplace, we recommend collaborating with one of Google’s feed management partners – such as Lengow. This will enable you to create and send your product feeds with enhanced efficacy and in compliance with Google’s requirements (file formats for the product feed, mandatory and optional features, types of content authorised for promotion on Google’s platforms, etc.), and to manage all your orders more smoothly using a single dashboard.

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