Do you dream of conquering the world with your e-commerce site? Marketplaces are perfect for reaching this goal. At a time when eight out of ten consumers have already made an online purchase from a site located abroad, namely via renowned marketplaces, it is now time to enter the arena to boost your international visibility. With help from the Lengow plug-in for Magento 2.

Marketplaces know no borders. This is why they are perfect stepping stones for e-vendors wishing to expand their activity abroad. Without needing to mobilise major financial resources.

Indeed, marketplaces offer several advantages in terms of international visibility:

  • They can be viewed by consumers living abroad: a Hungarian can easily order on the American version of Alibaba for instance.
  • They are often set up in several countries – as is the case for Amazon that exists in France, England, Germany, Spain and Italy (to list but a few European countries). Every time, local traffic is huge – thus guaranteeing notable visibility in the target country.
  • Major marketplaces handle the logistics for foreign vendors – such as Amazon, who offers to store and dispatch products from its distribution centres located all over Europe. This is a golden opportunity for vendors who do not always have the necessary infrastructures to test foreign markets.
  • Lastly, marketplaces enable professionals to draw on the trust they have gained from their customers.

Selling on marketplaces therefore means ensuring your international visibility is boosted. This is made even easier with Lengow ’s plug-in for Magento 2: an optimised product flow management solution that is easy to use.

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