With multichannel marketing, e-commerce owners today are able to reach out to customers throughout their purchasing journey, thanks to the many contact channels available.

Multichannel marketing is based on all sales and contact channels (commercials sites and shops, as well as social networks and traditional advertising campaigns), enabling you to reach out to as many prospects as possible. Taking new consumer habits into consideration, you can offer them new purchasing opportunities and thus give yourself the best chances of turning them into customers and enhancing their loyalty.

Both online and offline, multichannel marketing works with the following contact channels:

  • physical stores (direct marketing) with traditional sales operations;
  • paper advertising (catalogues, street marketing, etc.);
  • phoning;
  • online sales on a commercial website and/or marketplaces;
  • digital advertising campaigns (emailing);
  • SMS campaigns.

Nonetheless, to obtain the best results (and avoid one channel swallowing others up), a good multichannel marketing strategy means studying the various media available to you and adapting your actions to each one, according to their specific features. By choosing the right channel for the right target, you can generate quality traffic, reduce your costs, optimise your marketing campaigns and in the end increase your return on investment.

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