Are you considering advertising your products on Google Shopping Actions (Buy with Google)? In the same way as with Google Shopping, it is essential that you start by creating a product feed and importing it into Google Merchant Center. If you are already familiar with Google Shopping, things will seem quite straightforward!


Google Shopping Actions enables vendors to advertise their products throughout Google’s ecosystem, and thus cover the entire purchasing journey. The process used to send a product feed on Google Shopping Actions is identical to the one used for import in GMC for Google Shopping. Below are the main stages:

  1. Configuration of a Google Merchant Center account.
  2. Creation of a feed based on a product catalogue, using a compatible file format thanks to a product feed management solution to the likes of Lengow.
  3. Integrating mandatory features imposed by the programme, and optional features if necessary (once again, this would be handled by a feed manager).
  4. Importing the product feed into Google Merchant Center.
  5. Managing your orders originating from Google Shopping Actions using Lengow’s platform.


Please note that if you are already using Google Shopping, only one Lengow product feed is necessary for both programmes, and you can choose to only advertise certain products with Actions. In any case, you need to already have an up-and-running feed with Google Shopping to activate your Actions feed.


The importance of collaborating with one of Google’s feed management partners

Working with a feed manager specialised in Google Shopping Actions (Buy with Google) boasts many advantages for e-vendors:

  • your product feed is well-adapted to the programme’s standards,
  • mandatory and optional features are handled better,
  • orders are managed comprehensively via a unique dashboard,
  • extensive knowledge of the prerequisites necessary for taking part in the programme (no second-hand or repackaged products, deliveries and returns from France only, products under 30 kg only, etc.).


As one of Google’s partners, Lengow can help you create, send and manage your product feeds in Google Shopping Actions (Buy with Google).

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