How to manage sales on marketplaces? The key to success lies in good management of your products data. Here’s why:

You may optimize your products’ pages by adapting your catalogue to each marketplace’s features (compulsory and optional, attributes, categories, groups, etc.). Your products’ pages visibility is therefore increased, as well as the traffic generated by your pages and your conversion rates.
You can update your data feeds when necessary, according to price changes or delivery conditions, promotions, changes in stock. A products feed correctly (and regularly) updated offers buyers more accurate information.

An online product catalogue is fully scalable according to your products’ success. Users acclaim some of them and simply ignore others: it’s up to you to highlight those providing you with the best return on investment (a greater number of clicks and lower acquisition costs).

However, since creating a quality products flow is not always easy – because of certain complex specifications – flawlessly managing your data flow can be done through the use of flow management. According to targeted marketplaces (in France and abroad), this management process will allow you to optimize your feeds in order to acquire maximum presence on marketplaces, and also greater success!

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