After being bought-over by Salesforce, Demandware has now become Salesforce Commerce Cloud. During the changeover, the CMS integrated the Salesforce ecosystem, thus benefiting from innovative technologies which made the developer so successful. What does this integration mean in concrete terms for a vendor wishing to create their online store via Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Bought-over by Salesforce in 2016, Demandware has now become Salesforce Commerce Cloud. For the occasion, the online store creation and management tool integrated the entire software ecosystem previously run by the American developer. Founded in 1999, it gradually took over international market shares thanks to its CRM, renowned as being the most powerful on the market.

As the leading CRM development, holding 20% of all market shares, Salesforce is well ahead of its competitors (SAP comes in second with 12%). The tool is used by major brands such as Amazon, American Express and Adidas. On average, companies relying on the Salesforce’s CRM boost their revenue by 27%, their conversion rate by 32%, and their customer satisfaction by 34% (*).

By integrating itself into this ecosystem, Salesforce Commerce Cloud mostly boasts two key advantages:

  • the Cloud technology rolled-out by the developer, one of the most powerful and stable in the world (the brand is already a pioneer in the SaaS field);
  • the developer’s historical CRM. E-commerce solution users enjoy it because it fine-tunes the consumers’ purchasing experience by exploiting user data in a cutting edge manner, regardless of the country. Analysed in-depth by the tool, this data contributes to understanding how to make success long-lasting, or on the contrary how to identify any hindrance and correct them to optimise the sales process.

As such, this technically-optimal and customer-orientated ecosystem enables vendors to offer personalised purchasing experiences to consumers, boost their satisfaction levels and in the end, enhance customer loyalty. So many great advantages!


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