In order to optimize the dissemination of market data on several channels, you must master your commercial presence on different online sales platforms, which itself requires a good management of your product flow.

But potential channels are numerous, their criteria for publication are often different, and the data updating can be very time consuming. Therefore merchant sites had better entrust these tasks to a flow manager: a specialist in terms of generating, exporting and managing data flow on trading platforms.

A feed manager allows a retail site to:

  • generate product catalogues that are both personalized and adapted to different channels’ criteria;
  • effectively export product data towards different communication networks;
  • easily manage and send feeds of product data , up to several times a day, as soon as an update seems necessary, and all for a better optimization (e.g. based on promotional events);
  • centralize product data and sales data from multiple channels;
  • track product performance via reporting tools (number of clicks, purchase cost per product, ROI, etc.), allowing to manage flows depending on product profitability.

Besides the most famous communication channels (marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, specialized price comparison websites, sponsored links), a product feed manager has its own distribution network of partners which is made available to its e-retailer clients for maximum visibility.


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