Salesforce Commerce Cloud is an e-commerce solution integrated to the powerful Salesforce ecosystem. This platform helps companies create smart and engaging purchasing experiences for consumers throughout all sales channels, including off-line ones. What are its advantages compared to other online store creation tools?

About 4,200 active stores in about 80 countries currently use the Salesforce Commerce Cloud solution (ex-Demandware) for selling their products. This huge success mostly lies on several key advantages offered by the solution:

  • simple technical roll-out, made easier by a Cloud-based solution that does not require any specific skills;
  • a wide array of native functionalities that vastly enable optimised product catalogue management;
  • a scalable tool enriched with improvements created by the developer, meaning that innovative functionalities can be added;
  • a solution designed for omni-channel sales, making it possible to sell via all distribution channels – both digital and physical -, thus offering a smart and engaging purchasing experience;
  • international sales are made easier thanks to the multi-site and multilingual feature, and are available in a variety of currencies so customers from all over the world can make a purchase;
  • a solution suitable for B2B sales: able to handle large orders, payment options designed especially for companies, order splitting so conveyance can be organised based on customer needs, etc.;
  • inclusion within the Salesforce ecosystem, which has many available tools including the world’s most powerful CRM;
  • uses a new-generation artificial intelligence tool, Einstein AI, for the development of highly-evolved sales strategies based on in-depth (and automated) data analysis.

As such, Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers vendors countless benefits. However, given its high cost, this tool is mostly reserved to the market’s biggest stakeholders.

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