Back in the day, creating and managing an e-commerce website required cutting-edge skills. Nowadays, no-code tools can be used to launch an online store without any particular technical knowledge.


A no-code tool is used to develop websites or applications without needing any programming proficiency: everything is done via a visual editor, meaning that anyone can create their e-commerce website, ensuring quick and easy sales. Many of these tools were born over the last few years.


  • Airtable. Though it appears as a commonplace Excel-style spreadsheet, Airtable is a no-code worksheet that interacts with a database and is bursting with useful functionalities for online retailers: they can create online forms, generate Gantt diagrams and Kanban tables, launch personalised work flows, automate actions, etc.


  • Bigcommerce. This e-commerce platform is specialised in very small companies and SMEs. It can be used to develop an online store in record time without any coding. Above and beyond its basic functionalities that are perfect for digital retailers – such as purchase baskets, product galleries, dashboards, etc. – the tool stands out thanks to its highly-advanced mobile functions: it is one of the first applications to have integrated Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) option.


  • Shopify. This is the go-to tool for creating a no-code e-commerce site. Over a million online stores have made use of this comprehensive platform. Though users must pay for the service, it offers countless functionalities and customisation options – including the possibility of adding Oberlo for retailers wishing to practice dropshipping.


  • Zapier. This web service works as an intermediary between APIs, so actions can be automated by connecting various applications used on a daily basis. For instance, email attachments can be automatically downloaded and saved to a specific file, new contacts can be integrated to your CRM as soon as site users fill in the form, etc.


All these tools make life much easier for aspiring online retailers!

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