When talking about marketplaces, you probably automatically think of Amazon, Cdiscount of Fnac. Platforms where private individuals can purchase more or less anything. Yet did you know there were marketplaces specially reserved for professionals? Here is a selection.

  • Amazon Business. The heavyweight of online sales has created a section dedicated to professionals, with a single promise in mind: for them to benefit from millions of BtoB references…and from the entire BtoC product catalogue! A golden opportunity for professionals, 49% of which turn to BtoC sites for their BtoB purchases.
  • Cdiscount Pro. Known by all private individuals for its special offers, in 2017 the Cdiscount platform widened its offer by creating the very first general marketplace reserved for BtoB vendors. The products sold range from office supplies to construction materials and equipment – to cover all possible professional needs. Their offer counts more than 1.5 million references.
  • Agoply. In the face of Amazon and Alibaba’s domination, a smaller number of e-vendors had the idea of launching a competing BtoB marketplace. All the products professionals could need are grouped together in one place: 600,000 references divided into twenty categories (office supplies, electronics, tools, safety, etc.). Their promise is for the platform to never become a supplier, to avoid becoming a competitor for its customers.
  • JOOR. Here is an example of a BtoB marketplace specialised in one sector only: ready-to-wear clothing. The perfect opportunity for retailers from all over the world to be known and develop their clothing sales.

We selected the most well-known BtoB marketplaces, but there are many others available – for all kinds of sectors. The choice is yours!

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