An e-commerce site’s success relies on customer experience, on how easy the purchase is, and namely on the quality of the information available in product pages. Product content syndication is thus a major step in boosting your sales !


In online stores, customers have no direct contact with the product, no salespeople to guide them and give them advice or more in-depth details. So in that case, what do they base their purchasing decision on? Partly on word-of-mouth and on the comments displayed on your platform as well as on social media. First and foremost though, on the information you put forward, as well as on the visuals associated with your products!


A product page lacking in information, displaying poor writing skills or with no appealing visuals, will entail lots more abandoned purchases. The challenge for your company is thus to value content, to ensure visitor engagement and make sure the highest-quality customer experience is offered, as good as in a shop.


What can product content syndication bring you?

Content syndication (descriptions, visuals, specifications, brand history) will help you promote your products in several ways : 


  • The syndication tool used will combine all the information you and your supplier have – up until now stored in various databases – into a single, unique repository. This way, product knowledge will be centralised and optimised, and data can be harmonised and corrected should any errors, inconsistencies or lack of information appear.


  • Once product content syndication is in place, you can improve product sheet quality by adding more details, more photos/videos, and more usage examples to enhance visitor engagement on your website.


  • Moreover, if you also sell your products via marketplaces or third-party distributors, all this information can very easily be shared and circulated on various sales channels – thus offering optimal customer experience regardless of the purchasing platform used !

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