Google Shopping is Google’s online retail service. It used to be free; however since 2012 it has turned into a price comparison website charging every CPC (“cost per click”). When submitting a product flow to Google Merchant Center, an e-retailer is free to engage in this vast marketing strategy that perpetually generates search results by displaying products submitted by e-retailers.

Google Shopping – a must have

Selling on Google Shopping is beneficial in that Google is the leading search engine in the world. In France alone, its market share is above 90%. In concrete terms, on average 9 out of 10 French Internet users go through Google when making a search on the Internet. It’s in every e-retailer’s best interest to benefit from the power of the Mountain View Company.

Each day, Google is :

  • 30 billion of billion indexed pages;
  • 3 billion queries;
  • 500 million new requests.

What are the strengths of Google Shopping campaigns?

  • Maximum exposure on the web;
  • getting a qualified traffic thanks to Google Shopping’s specific requirements in terms of product flow (composed, structured and segmented in order to facilitate the auction);
  • perfect positioning on the first page of the search engine’s results (above Adwords ads);
  • a CPC system that enables e-retailers to arbitrate between volume and profitability;
  • a https protocol that is needed to launch a Shopping campaign – a way to secure users who appreciate feeling protected.
  • These key points make Google Shopping a strategic channel for e-retailers, as well as an essential source of visibility and traffic.

4 600 brands and retailers worldwide are
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