For a commercial site that wishes to be present on as many web sales platforms as possible – thus partly reaching millions of potential consumers who shop on the Web – the export process for the product catalogue can be extremely complex.

This is where the product feed manager comes in handy. It’s a service company that helps e-retailers with their basic product export process towards different trading platforms through a software solution.

These can be:

  • marketplaces;
  • price comparison websites;
  • retargeting networks;
  • boards and affiliate partners;
  • AdExchange;
  • And so on …

These online trading networks lay down their own rules regarding dissemination of data catalogue and regular updating of the product catalogue. By using a product data manager, an e-retailer may:

    • save time on feeding networks with products database ;
    • export on multi-channel without having to worry about compatibility issues (technology, language …);
    • optimize the choice of products to be exported by creating product catalogues tailored to the different communication supports for a better conversion rate;
    • get reports and analyses regarding product performance (number of clicks, margins, return on investment …)
    • centralize product data, in order to have a global vision of all its align=”center”e-marketing campaigns on all channels.

A product data feed manager is therefore a valuable aid in the face of the complexity of the various e-commerce channels!

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