Stay ahead of your competition

Access new price comparisons and marketplaces and always keep one step ahead of your competitors.

Analyse your results

The price battle is raging in your sector: make decisions based on clear analysis of your sales and margins by optimising your advertising investments with Lengow.

Manage your stock

Establish rules on the availability or profitability of your products so that you only sell products that are in stock and generate good margins on price comparison engines.

Be ready for key dates

Make sure to prepare for Christmas, Black Friday and sales periods: promote your top products, encourage your customers with discounted prices and promotions on your shipping costs.

Detailed product sheets

Provide as much information as possible and reassure your customers about the product they are buying. In your sector, precision is key.

Provide an effective delivery policy

Process all of your orders quickly and easily so that delivery times are no longer a drag on your buyers.

The needs of your sector


Marketing channels dedicated to your activity

4600 brands and retailers worldwide are already using Lengow