Marketplaces dedicated to your activity

Generate additional sources of revenue

In addition to your in-store sales, attract a target group of buyers who prefer to shop online thanks to a presence on generalist or specialist marketplaces in the FMCG sector.

Prepare all your promotional offers in advance

Be ready for your commercial operations in advance: showcasing your top products, pricing, stock management and monitoring.

Personalise your product sheets

Compensate for the immaterial aspect of online shopping by highlighting important information on your product sheets (ingredients, labels, etc.) and easily present the different variations of your products.

Efficiently track your orders to ensure deliveries are on-time.

Take advantage of the various delivery methods such as home delivery or Click & Collect to bring your customers into your shop.
Manage your orders quickly and efficiently to ensure that your fresh and frozen goods arrive safely and in good condition.*

Publish data that is always up to date

Efficiently manage the large volume of your references. Present the availability and prices of your products in shops near the user.

Analyse the activity of your online consumers

Study your performance with the help of graphs and detailed statistics in order to understand your target better. Then personalise your campaigns using automatic rules according to your responsibility objectives.

Focus ecommerce: Convenience Goods Industry

With this guide, discover the online convenience goods industry. You can get an overview of this growing market in the world and the major actors in this area. We also give you some information on the consumer, their behaviour and motivations and finally you will find a focus on the French market.

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