Marketing channels dedicated to your activity

Be present at strategic moments in the customer journey

Support consumers in their purchasing decisions, whether early or last-minute, by increasing the visibility of your offers on multiple channels.

Personalise your product sheets to the maximum

Add specific and precise details corresponding to your activity to your product sheets: check-in / check-out, accommodation details, transport, etc.

Be flexible to changes in the market

Show agility by adapting your product information to the constraints of your market: political and economic stability, legislation, weather, etc.

Adapt to the growing importance of mobile

Use recognised apps to promote your last-minute offers on mobile.

Plan suitable promotions

Be responsive by offering last-minute promotions or discounts only on certain channels, at times that interest you, depending on the destination.

Aggregate your data in a single platform

Add your Google Analytics traffic statistics to make your distribution decisions or integrate the latest customer reviews into your product sheets to convince your prospects.

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