The hosting of your product data

Our servers are hosted by Oxalide (a Claranet group company), an IS and cloud hosting IT provider that is internationally active. ITIL and ISO 27001-certified, it guarantees a high quality of service for our servers and your data.

Lengow currently works with two data centres located in Europe, with locations in other geographical areas planned with a view to facilitating our international expansion.

This means of operation allows us to index catalogues of tens of millions of products on a daily basis. The data is sent between the two centres and a continuity of service is guaranteed by transitioning from one to the other if needed.

The availability and stability of our platform will make a vital contribution to your performance!

The security of our platform

In order to ensure the protection of your strategic data, our applications use https access with SSL Pro-type certificates.

A service to strengthen your passwords is available on request (planned password changes at a frequency of your choice and the inability to re-use the same password).

Finally, our platform is regularly audited by certified bodies.

We guarantee the protection of your product information, orders, and statistics!

Responsive support at your disposal

A team of experts, covering 7 different languages, is available to assist you with the implementation of Lengow, to respond to any technical questions you may have.

Our team will assist you on a daily basis, to help you make the best use of our platform and to ensure that your performance objectives are met.

  • An average of 98.8% of our traders are satisfied with the Lengow customer support
  • The average ticket response time is 5 hours (on working days)

A number of leading brands are already placing their trust in us – be the next to join them!

4 600 brands and retailers worldwide are
already using Lengow