From inspiration to decision

Notoriety, growth, international development, web-to-store, multi-channel… many challenges await brands and retailers in the world of tomorrow. Thanks to Lengow’s expertise, our platform is your best ally to get the most out of your data and grow your online business.

Make decisions that have been validated by our recommendation models!

INSIGHTS was built to enable you to sell the right products at the best price on the right marketing and online sales channels. Optimize your efforts and financial investments.

Mickael Froger - Credit Caroline Morin (4)

“INSIGHTS is the culmination of what we have built over the last few years. This project is what we are fighting for every day: automated e-commerce, allowing you to develop your business with complete peace of mind."

Mickael Froger - Lengow CEO

Rely on your data to optimize sales

Let’s be ambitious. It’s time to go further than product feed management.

Our platform is also an intuitive tool that centralizes multiple data sources essential for the intelligent management and automation of your e-commerce business:

  • Supplement your catalogs with Additional Sources of information
  • Centralize data from your Google Analytics account
  • Optimize and enrich your product data to get tailor-made recommendations for your online business

Automation and intelligence at your service

Product Segments for improved targeting

  • Automatically group products in your catalog according to criteria such as performance, profitability, seasonality, etc.
  • Activate the publication of these selections on the recommended marketing channels in just a few clicks. Be sure to reach your target audience!

Automated monitoring of your activity on marketplaces


  • Diffusion reports are sent after each catalog has been uploaded, indicating errors and any products that haven’t been published
  • Quickly react to errors thanks to our automatic suggestions for corrections (categorization, adding rules, creating segments, etc.)


Are these features free?

Currently, these features are available to everyone for free through our platform. This is a Beta version, the pricing model may be subject to change.

Who is INSIGHTS for?

INSIGHTS includes several features, most of which are available to all our brands and retailers. However, some features such as Business Recommendations depend on the EANs in your catalog. For diffusion reports, they will be more or less extensive depending on the marketplaces on which you sell your products.

What kind of additional data can I import into my account?

You can import statistical data from Google Analytics, as well as additional information on your stock, promotional offers, margin per product, competitor prices, etc. You just need a common ID with your main catalog to add any kind of data.

How do I start automating my business?

We provide various automations to easily handle your product data and order information.

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