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Your synchronisation with Akeneo PIM

As a leader in open source Product Information Management (PIM), Akeneo helps brands and retailers increase the productivity and efficiency of their teams, while delivering exceptional product experiences for their consumers.

The solution enables e-merchants to centralise, standardise and structure all their product information from different data sources (ERP, CRM, database, files, etc.). Once collected, this information is enriched and easily updated to be sent to the merchant’s different sales channels (online and offline).

The Akeneo connector for Lengow allows you to retrieve a selection of the data present in your PIM software to be merged with your main product catalogue.
Manipulate this data to complete the product feeds you wish to publish on marketplaces, social networks, affiliate platform, etc. This way, you can distribute product information that is always relevant at the right place and at the right time.

Your products optimised for…

Lengow is a certified official partner of Akeneo

The Lengow and Akeneo teams have been working hand in hand for several years to help you develop your growth through technical expertise and mutual advice.

Our collaboration becomes official through our Akeneo Business Partner certification.

Merge several data sources and aggregate “cold data”(description, manufacturer, image, etc.) with “hot” and fluctuating data (price, stock, etc.).

Improve your conversion rates by presenting complete and detailed product sheets.


Syndicate your product data from Akeneo to optimize, adapt, and publish your perfectly structured product content for all your sales channels, easily and automatically.

Reduce the time it takes to publish your products thanks to a product repository where all teams can collaborate and enrich product data easily.

Reduce your return rates as products are updated with relevant and reliable information, your customers will be more satisfied with their purchase.

Use Akeneo with Lengow


More about Akeneo + Lengow

Installing your additional Akeneo source

Our tips:

  • You must have an active Akeneo account and a product catalogue already imported into Lengow.
  • A maximum of 200 attributes can be imported from an Akeneo source.
  • Two ways to access attributes: directly from the “App” > “Akeneo” tab, or when adding a new catalogue choose “Akeneo” as the data source.

More information on our help center .

Update : 03/08/2020
Compatibility : Enterprise edition, Community edition

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