About Allegro

  • Allegro is Poland’s largest marketplace and one of the top ten marketplaces globally
  • 18 million consumers visit Allegro each month; 86% of Polish shoppers say Allegro is their favorite online shopping destination
  • The marketplace has a variety of categories: Home & Garden, Health & Beauty, Clothing & Accessories, Shoes, Electronics, Home Appliances, etc.
  • Allegro is accessible to merchants of all sizes, has no monthly fees, and only takes a commission on sales (differs depending on category)
  • Specific requirements for foreign retailers: EEA company documents in English and Polish (less than four months old). Details on the necessary documents here.


An optimized connection to Allegro

Once Allegro has verified your merchant profile, the onboarding begins. Lengow knows Allegro’s team and features well, meaning the platforms work smoothly together and the onboarding process is nice and easy.

Successful product sheets

Optimized titles, descriptions, images, prices, and reviews are extremely important for a product to meet the expectations of both marketplaces and customers. Lengow knows the ins and outs of Allegro and will help you provide the right information.

Track orders and stocks

Process your Allegro orders and update your inventory directly from our platform.

Use qualitative product data

Optimize your product catalog in the Lengow platform by matching fields and categories directly with the different attributes requested by Allegro.

No more product errors

No more annoying product errors! When sending your feed, Allegro might send you back error codes. Correct them directly within our platform to send your products back to the marketplace as soon as possible.

Rules and exclusions for better performance

Automatic rules make all the difference in marketplaces. For example, avoid stock shortages (and disappointed customers). Create a rule for products with low inventory to remove them from the listings.

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