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Shopware is an open source CMS for medium to large businesses, already adopted by more than 54,000 international customers.

From your Shopware module, you can export your product catalog to the Lengow solution and then select the marketing channels on which you want to distribute your products.

Configure your feed in your Shopware plugin and export it directly from your backoffice to the Lengow platform.

Manage them directly in Shopware and update your stock automatically.

Retrieve and view the orders generated on the marketplaces

Monitor your performance and profitability using a statistical dashboard.

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Our advices :

  • If possible, test the module on a pre-production environment before installing / updating it on production.
  • Take advantage of a calm period to install / update the module (avoid sales rushes for example …).
Update : 08/02/2018
Version : 1.3.0
Compatibility : 4.3 to 5.4

3600 clients worldwide
are already using Lengow